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Key Management System

Complete Key Management In One Easy Solution
Prevent unauthorized access and have full
accountability of keys in your facility

Electronic Key Management Systems 1. Electronic Locking Cabinets: Locks keys into assigned slots within a secure 18-gauge steel cabinet.
2. Illuminated Key Slots: Identifies the location of the key selected for return or retrieval.
3. Control Terminal: Choose from multiple authentication options, including PIN code, access control card, or biometric reader.
4. RFID Keytag Identification: Contactless transfer of data between keytag and control terminal makes for fast, error-free key transactions.
5. Maintenance-free Keytag: Corrosion resistant, waterproof keytag comes with a LIFETIME warranty.
6. Tamper-proof Key Rings: Prevents unauthorized key removal.

Key Tracer Keytag

  • Life-time warranty on keytag
  • Waterproof
  • Corrosion proof
  • Reusable key ring and keytag
  • Contactless identification
  • Tamper-proof seal
  • Virtually fail-proof operation
  • RFID Keytag Identification

Key Tracer Terminal

  • Easy-to-use control panel
  • Integrated RFID reader to read RFID keytag
  • Integrated card reader to utilize your existing access control cards
  • Multiple authentication options: Existing Access Control Card, PIN, or biometric reader
  • Easy to read LED screen to prompt user through key retrieval/removal process
  • Key Tracer Cabinets
  • Key Tracer Cabinets
  • Key Tracer Cabinets
  • Key Tracer Cabinets
  • Key Tracer Cabinets
  • Key Tracer Cabinets

Key Tracer Cabinets

  • Five-alarm relays for strobe light or siren connection and CCTV access and control
  • 16-gauge sheet metal
  • Electronic locking door
  • Daisy-chaining option to create single-controlled system
  • Multiple sizes available
  • Key Tracer Key Slot Panels
  • Key Tracer Key Slot Panels
  • Key Tracer Key Slot Panels
  • Key Tracer Key Slot Panels

Key Tracer Key Slot Panels

  • Modular, mix’n’match design: to accommodate small or large sets of keys
  • 8, 16 or 32 key slots per panel
  • Individual lock for each keytag
  • Illuminated key slots, identifies the location of the key selected for return or retrieval
  • fixed return or roaming keytag to multiple cabinets

SD 8 - Standard Density 8 Key Panel

  1. Accommodate key rings containing 16+ keys per ring or very long sets of keys containing lanyards, etc.
  2. 50% less key positions than our standard 16 key panel

SD 16 - Standard Density 16 Key Panel

  1. Accommodate key sets containing 1-15 keys per ring

DD 32 - Double Density 32 Key Panel

  1. Accommodate key sets containing 1-5 keys per ring
  2. Double the amount of key positions than our standard density panel

WD 16 - Wide Density 16 Key Panel

  1. Accommodate key slots containing 16+ keys per ring
  2. Width of two standard key panels

Enterprise Level Solution

  • Web based user interface
  • Supports thousands of terminals connected to one database
  • Secure SSL Communication
  • SQL database
  • Unlimited administrator permission levels
  • Flexibility to meet access requirements
  • Native TCP/IP device

Key Tracer Commander Software

  • Commander is always in contact with the connected terminals and continuously synchronizes the central database with the terminal transactions.
  • New users, modified access rights, actual key movements, etc. are processed within seconds making all changes instantly updated.


  • Custom reports can be created based on parameters the user selects such as a date range, specific user, specific key tag, alarm event and more.
  • The software also features an “Email Reporter” that automatically generates and emails both standard and customer reports to specific users or administrators daily, weekly, monthly or as the event occurs
  • Additionally, any reports can be delivered via email or SMS in real time based on any specific event, chosen by the administrator, as it occurs


  • The software can assign a dual or triple authorization on each high security key of your choice.
  • Automatic email alerts for alarms or late key return
  • Automated Report Generation sent daily, weekly, monthly or as they occur
  • Reports can be accessed on-line by any user connected to the system with a unique user name and password through any internet browser as well as smartphone.
  • Automated email reports are available in HTML, CSV or PDF.


  • The software features multiple “user level” access rights within each component of the software from read only, edit only or full access.

Key Tracer is a contactless key management systems that prevents unauthorized access to keys and provides full accountability of all keys in your facility. It is capable of controlling thousands of keys for an unlimited number of users.

Use Key Tracer to:

  • Stop unauthorized access to keys
  • Prevent lost or misplaced keys
  • Eliminate time-consuming key transaction record keeping
  • Generate custom reports to track key issue and return
  • Give a user or group access to specific keys

Key Tracer uses RFID technology to send signals between tamper-proof keytags and the secured key cabinet terminal, which controls key access.

Advantages of RFID technology:

  • Virtually maintenance-free technology
  • Minimal or no keytag replacement/repair costs
  • Real-time key transaction recording
  • Reduced key loss or misplacement due to human error

Key Tracer is a complete and customizable key management system.

Key Management Systems Product Sheet

Electronic Key Management Systems Brochure Complete Key Control: In One Easy Solution Download PDF Electronic Key Management Systems

How Key Tracer’s Key Management System Works

Exclusive RFID technology sends a signal between a key attached to a tamper-proof electronic keytag, the secured key cabinet and a user terminal monitoring and controlling key access.

deister To remove or replace a key in the cabinet, a user must first be identified by, and select a key from, the Key Tracer terminal in order to unlock the cabinet and illuminate the key’s slot. The key is then returned and locked, or unlocked and released from the key slot. The system software, Key Tracer Commander, records all details of the transaction, including fault logging and mileage logging.

All Key Management Systems are fully compatible with the complete range of the Key Tracer family.

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