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Thousands of businesses rely on Key Tracer’s key management systems.
Key Tracer takes the pain out of managing and securing your keys.

Garland County Increases Key Security and Accountability

Paper Logs Result in Errors, Lost Keys, and Time Wasted

Before implementing an electronic key security system, Deputies at Garland County’s Sheriff’s Office and Detention Center would report to work, and obtain keys in a locked key box behind the old booking desk.

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Key Tracking: 8 Facts You Need to Know About Key Loss

The Need for Better Key Tracking

Here are 8 facts that you need to know about the reality of key loss and why you should take
preventive measures to avoid the risk and cost associated with losing master keys. 

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Olympic Park Tightens Security with Real-Time Key Tracking

Key Control Challenges

Prior to 2011, the Montreal Olympic Park had been using a handwritten registry to track the issue and return of approximately 2,500 keys. Each day, someone was responsible for manually recording which key sets were being checked out and by whom, on which day and time, and recording the return of the keys.

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New Electronic Long Gun Locker: The Future of Firearm Safety


Key Tracer is excited to annouce the launch of our new, revolutionary product, the Electronic Gun Locker. The long gun locker is being toted as the future of firearm safety and here's your chance at a sneak peak!

Watch our intro video to learn more

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Key Management a Challenge for Walla Walla University

Walla Walla University prides itself on a student-based employment program that encourages students to earn money while they attend school. Because of this, security can be an issue when multiple students are provided access to different areas of the school and there’s no way of tracking the keys.

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Key Tracer Solutions Now Available in the United Kingdom


Key Tracer opens new offices overseas to support increasing demand for key control systems in the UK.

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RFID Technology Delivers the Best ROI on Key Management Systems

Shopping for Key Management Systems? - Ask about RFID

Those metal tags you use to manage and monitor your keys are costing you a lot of time and a lot of money—without delivering a lot of value.

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The Importance of Key Control Systems

RS2156_pic_titel-broschurer_0730_small.jpgIn order to efficiently ensure a certain level of security, any organization with valuable assets should have an automated key control system in place to limit which employees have access to buildings, vehicles and other assets.

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The Benefits of Key Management Systems


Security is a huge concern in the modern world. Threats arise both big and small that can be costly and time consuming to businesses. Not only do businesses contain valuable equipment and cash inside their premises, there can also be client information and other types of data that is confidential, as well as exclusive ideas and inventions.



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Top 3 advantages of a RFID-Based Guard Tour System

Manage and monitor the security of premises using a guard tour system

It proves beneficial to the patrolling guards and improves their efficiency as well. Moreover, this system keeps a complete audit trail of your guards' tours and checkpoints. Amongst several benefits that it offers, the top 3 advantages of RFID-based guard tour systems are discussed below.

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