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How Key Management Systems Ground Commercial Security And Prevent Loss

Key management systems have become essential parts of commercial security protocols. They open new levels of security that were previously inaccessible to many business owners. These systems make it possible to organize access levels to a plethora of things which include, but are not limited to, warehouses, restricted facilities, and equipment.

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Six Signs That You Need Better Physical Security Controls

Your business or institution may not be as safe or secure as you imagine. Here are a half dozen signs that your security isn’t as strong, smooth or efficient as you might think.

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Key Management System ROI: A Framework

A Buyer's Guide: The Top Ten Checklist for Key Management Systems

There are many key management systems available on the market, and many competing providers make similar claims. To help guide your planning and purchasing process and make wise choices, Key Tracer has tapped its 10+ years of industry experience with the questions that we get asked every day to create a best practices guide. If you’re considering buying a key control system for the first time, or looking to upgrade your existing system, there are principles that you want to keep in mind. We've summarized some of the key points from this guide below.

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The Evolution of Fleet Management Solutions

It wasn’t that long ago that fleet management was more of a guessing game, with labor-intensive manual logs. What's more, key-cut businesses were racking in the dough cutting multiple keys for local businesses with fleets. When a key went missing, a runner was sent to get a new one cut.

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Key Tracer Introduces New Radio Lockers

We always like to remind people that Key Tracer tracks more than keys. Sure, key control is our bread and butter—eliminating the cost and risk of managing keys for companies, campuses, correction facilities and more. But we’re committed to protecting all your secured assets—from weapons to electronic devices to two-way radios.

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Managing Keys Efficiently: Don’t Optimize Processes—Eliminate Them

Think for a moment about all the steps and all the people involved with doing something that seems so simple; issuing, tracking and returning keys. There are guards issuing the keys—often more than one and often 24 hours a day. There are supervisors monitoring those guards. There are sign in/out sheets and logs maintained and regular reporting that has to be done. And that’s if things go smoothly. If keys are lost or stolen more people get involved, more forms are filled out, and sometimes outside vendors brought into to rekey locks.

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Key Tracer to Reveal New Safety Solutions Under New Corporate Brand

Corporate rebranding aligns with company’s expansion of security & safety solutions portfolio

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Syracuse University Automates Key Control: Reduces Costs & Frustration

Countless Hours Spent Tracking Keys and Firearms Resolved by Automating Key Control

When Syracuse University implemented electronic key cabinets and asset lockers in 2012, they immediately found that the automated system increased efficiency and significantly reduced labor costs associated with key control and asset management.

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