Complete key management with a smart, expandable, and modular solution that will last.

Prevent unauthorized access and have full accountability of keys with a complete audit trail of every key transaction. Our RFID-based KeyTracer Key Control Systems provide intelligent management of keys, allowing you to track and control who can access them, where they are taken, and when. Our solutions are flexible and we can tailor our products to your organization's precise needs, giving you tools to gain valuable insights and integrate with your existing infrastructure, all while being backed by our 24/7 support team 

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RFID Key Fobs

Smart Reliable Identification for your Keys

Each key fob has a unique identity so that its location within the cabinet is known. The most important and critical part of the system must perform all of the time to ensure that you have access to the keys when you need them, that’s why we use the most advanced identification technology available - RFID.

  • Includes integral key ring and seal
  • Contactless, and no maintenance required
  • 100% accuracy and reliability
  • Works without a battery
  • Lifetime guarantee

Smart Terminal

User identification and control tasks

Our terminals control access to the cabinet. An integrated card reader allows you to make use of your existing proximity access control cards, PIN or both. We also offer fingerprint readers, facial readers and iris identification. Choose between keypad or a touch screen terminal. The control terminal provides the option of having multiple key cabinets controlled from a single point or multiple control terminals controlling the same set of cabinets.

Modular and Expandable

Build a Key System for your precise needs.

Our cabinets are available in a range of different sizes with a choice of either solid steel or window doors. The modular design allows you to purchase a cabinet that meets your current needs, while leaving options open for future needs. We custom design your key cabinet system by factoring in cabinet size, size of key sets and your preferred user ID method to meet your exact requirements. Key modules can be changed in the future as needs change.

  • Invest in a system today and leave your options open for future expansion
  • Connect multiple cabinets together on the same control terminal
  • Add additional cabinets or key modules at any time 

What this means for you? Lower total cost of ownership over many years and greater ROI.


RTNHub Software

User management, control and reporting

A powerful intuitive software platform that allows easy administration of your key management system. The RTNHub software is browser-based with an SQL back end database. Capable of working as a stand-alone system connected directly to your cabinet, it can easily scale up to a corporate setup and will work on a physical computer or a virtual environment. RTNHub centralizes information from all of your Real Time networks solutions, including  AssetTracer lockers and RTNmobile location solutions, providing a complete connected system with an environment based on modern system architecture.

Customization Options

1. Number and size of key sets?


KeyTracer 8 key module

Secures 1-8 key rings, works well with larger or long sets of keys.


KeyTracer 16 key module

Secures up to 16 key rings.


KeyTracer 16 wide key module

Secures up to 16 key rings, with lots of keys and long sets of keys.


KeyTracer 32 key module

Secures up to 32 key rings. Recommended for smaller sets of keys.

Different cabinet sizes can house as few or as many key fob modules as needed. From left to right:

  • Up to 384 Key Fobs
  • Up to 256 Key Fobs
  • Up to 128 Key Fobs
  • Up to 64 Key Fobs
  • Up to 32 Key Fobs

2. Which terminal would you like to use for accessing the cabinets?

To gain access to the cabinet and keys, there is a choice of control terminals that include an integrated smartcard reader which allows customers to make use of their existing proximity access control cards, PIN or both. There is also an option for biometric verification and a touch screen.


KeyTracer KeyPad

  • Easy to use with key pad
  • Quick key return
  • Intelligent power management
  • Illuminated key pad and display

KeyTracer Touch

  • Easy to use with touch screen display
  • Quick key return
  • Network and standalone capable
  • Supports UNICODE

3. By which means would users access the cabinets and keys?


Fingerprint or Facial Reader


Card Access


Pin Code




Iris Identification


Key Management System Product Sheet 

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