Automatic and contactless issue and return of firearms, valuables, documents, electronic devices, 2-way radios, and other assets.

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Weapon Lockers:

Access-controlled compartments and. RFID reader in every compartment identifies the contents, modular system design for custom configuration, 18-gauge steel lockers, power failures are covered by a built-in backup battery.

Electronic Asset Lockers:

Access-controlled compartments, RFID identification and charging docs for tablets, iPads, laptops, data collectors, evidence kits, narcotics storage and other valuables.

2-Way Radio Lockers:

Radio set and hand-held charging compartments with passive cooling system to prevent device overheating.

Control Terminal:

Choose from multiple authentication options, including PIN code, access control card or biometric reader. Easy-to-use control panel, integrated card reader, prompts user through key retrieval/removal process.

RFID Technology:

RFID data transfer makes asset issue and return faster, eliminates user error and creates an audit trail of all transactions.

LED Identification:

Illuminated LED guides a user to the correct locker compartment for asset return or retrieval.

Modular System Design: Combine 16-gauge steel lockers to create a custom configuration.

Fail-Safe Opening: Prevent unintended access to compartments.