Key Tracer offers a scalable modular system. Every key cabinet is custom-built according to each customer's specific requirements using a combination of different cabinet sizes and module options.

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Scoping your needs

1. Number and size of key sets ?

KeyTracer 8 key module: Secures 1-8 key rings, works well with larger or long sets of keys.

KeyTracer 16 key module: Secures up to 16 key rings.

KeyTracer 16 wide key module: Secures up to 16 key rings, with lots of keys and long sets of keys.

KeyTracer 32 key module: Secures up to 32 key rings. Recommended for smaller sets of keys.

Different cabinet sizes can house as few or as many key fob modules and/or asset lockers as needed. From left to right:

  • Up to 384 Key Tags
  • Up to 256 Key Tags
  • Up to 128 Key Tags
  • Up to 64 Key Tags
  • Up to 32 Key Tags

2. Which terminal would you like to use for accessing the cabinets?

To gain access to the cabinet and keys, there is a choice of control terminals that include an integrated smartcard reader which allows customers to make use of their existing proximity access control cards, PIN or both. There is also an option for biometric verification and a touch screen.

KeyTracer Terminal

  • Easy to use with key pad
  • Quick key return
  • Intelligent power management
  • Illuminated key pad and display

KeyTracer Touch

  • Easy to use with touch screen display
  • Quick key return
  • Network and standalone capable
  • Supports UNICODE

3. By which means would users access the cabinets and keys?

It can be one, or a combination of the methods listed below for increased access control.




PIN Code




Card Access