Our systems provide superior security so you can focus on serving your guests

Our solutions for hotels and resorts combine reliable hardware with customizable software. They’re designed and built exactly to your venue's needs. They will give your guests, employees, and facility industry-leading protection. 

We design totally integrated security solutions. Easily manage all of your hotel’s keys and assets through a centralized, browser-based dashboard. Generate customizable reports for any hospitality group’s or franchise’s audit needs. 

We offer full lifecycle service. From your initial consultation and gap analysis, to customized installation, to on-site training for your staff. All the way to ongoing toll-free phone support and on-site support.


Key Cabinet Systems

  • Real-time, automated transaction logging
  • Key ring selections light up for rapid identification
  • RFID technology is maintenance-free, with a lifetime guarantee on key fobs
  • Automated alerts can be relayed to your alarms, and distributed via email and text
  • Your choice of access method: fingerprint, facial reader, proximity card, or PIN code
  • Our Key Location System automatically detects keys within 5 meters (16 feet) of hidden sensors, so that you can locate critical keys at any time.

Electronic Asset Lockers

  • Automated transaction logging eliminates unnecessary staffing and record keeping
  • Touchless RFID tag access allows rapid asset issue and return
  • Ready two-way radios, laptops, and iPads with built-in charging ports
  • Protect heat-sensitive electronics with an integrated cooling system
  • Automated alerts can be distributed via email and text
  • Customize access by job type or for individual staff members

Video Surveillance & Analytics

  • Adaptable low-light and high-contrast cameras allow viewing in any environment
  • Impact-resistant cameras for high-security areas
  • Video analytics quickly identifies all sightings of an individual across hours of footage
  • Easily search, sort, and group footage
  • Self-learning programs improve identification speed and reduce false alarms
  • Intuitive rules-based alerts let you respond to incidents quickly

Indoor Positioning Systems

  • Monitor staff locations in real time to help serve your guests faster
  • No line of sight or contact needed, wireless sensors can be discreetly hidden
  • Ensure timely housekeeping, guest service calls, and other operations
  • Rapidly identify security guard locations for incident response
  • Solid-state RFID technology needs minimal maintenance
  • Customizable alerts for missed service calls or check-in times