Whether you’re controlling gaming, facility or vehicle keys, our Key Location System and Key Exit System can help make key control easier. These solutions will tell you who has which keys, how long they have been out, where they currenty are, and provides real-time SMS alerts when the keys are taken outside the facility.

Quickly locate lost or missing keys, prevent key theft and security breaches.

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Door Exit Alarms:

Audible door alarm sounds if a key approaches door exit warning if a key is being taken outside of authorized area or has been forgotten in an employee’s pocket.

Multiple Security Zones:

Easily set up multiple security zones for automated tracking of keys.

Real-time alerts:

Automatically generates and sends alerts to a computer or smart phone if a key is taken out of authorized area or out of facility.

Automatic Detection:

RFID receivers automatically and wirelessly track keys within 3-16 feet.

Automatic Data Transfer:

Control center automatically receives ID for all keytags within range of receivers.