Key Control systems and Electronic Key Control

Key Tracer offers a full range of contactless and virtually maintenance-free Key Control Systems and asset management solutions for controlling access to keys, buildings, vehicles, firearms and other assets in need of safekeeping. Our Key Control Systems, Electronic Key Systems, Key Tracker software and Tracking Systems for all of your assets give you complete control over the security of your properties.

Key Tracer key control systems use RFID technology for secure and contactless data transfer. Each asset management solution and key control systems is completely customizable to meet each industry's unique requirements.

Our Key Control System Will Save Your Dealership Valuable Time And Money!

Make key control and key tracking easier and more efficient with a Key Tracer key management system. Key Control Cabinets prevent unauthorized access to keys and our key tracker software, Key Tracer Commander, keeps a log of all key removals and returns. The Key Location System sends a real time alert if a key is taken outside its authorized area and the Key Exit System sends an alert if a key is removed from the premises. Your keys will always be secure, easy to locate and under your complete control with our Electronic Key Control Systems and Tracking Systems.

Key Exit System can be integrated into an existing security system or key control solution to prevent key theft and security breaches. Key Exit System sends real-time notification if a key is taken outside an authorized area. An audible exit alarm is simultaneously activated at this point.

Electronic Asset Lockers can be modified to secure whatever physical assets your company needs, including cash drawers, weapons, cell phones, radios, tablets, laptops, etc. Tamper-proof cabinets are accessed only by authorized users with PIN codes, access cards or biometrics, helping prevent unauthorized use and theft. Key Tracer Commander software provides support and tracking so you always know who has accessed your assets and when.

Key Tracer key management systems can be tailored to meet your organization's key control systems and asset management needs. And if your needs change, the system can be modified or expanded to meet your new demands. With our range of Electronic Key Systems, Key Tracking systems, and asset management systems, we will custom design the right combination of solutions for your business. Contact us today to secure your assets.

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