Robust, reliable, and fully customized key control system with the lowest cost of ownership.



Secure keys, buildings, vehicles, firearms, IT equipment and other valuable assets with Key Tracer solutions. Watch the video to see our products in action.

Key management system

  • Stop unauthorized access to keys
  • Prevent lost or misplaced keys
  • Eliminate time-consuming key transaction record keeping
  • Generate custom reports to track key issue and return
  • Give a user or group access to specific keys
  • Manage commercial fleet vehicles

Key Tracer offers a scalable modular system. Every key cabinet is custom-built according to each customer's specific requirements using a combination of different cabinet sizes and module options.

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Different cabinet sizes can house as few or as many modules and/or asset lockers as needed

  • Up to 32 Key Tags
  • Up to 64 Key Tags
  • Up to 128 Key Tags
  • Up to 256 Key Tags
  • Up to 384 Key Tags
To gain access to the cabinet and keys, there is a choice of control terminals that include an integrated smartcard reader which allows customers to make use of their existing proximity access control cards, PIN or both. There is also an option for biometric verification and a touch screen.


Whether you’re controlling gaming, facility or vehicle keys, our Key Location System and Key Exit System can help make key control easier. these solutions will tell you who has accessed which keys, how long they have been out, where they have been taken, and provides real-time SMS alerts when the keys are taken outside the facility.

Quickly Locate Lost or Missing Keys, Prevent Key Theft and Security Breaches.

  • Multiple Security Zones

    Easily set up multiple security zones for automated tracking of keys.

  • Real-time alerts

    Automatically generates and sends alerts to a computer or smart phone if a key is taken out of authorized area or out of facility.

  • Automatic Detection

    RFID receivers automatically and wirelessly track keys within 3-16 feet.

  • Automatic Data Transfer

    Control center automatically receives ID for all keytags within range of receivers.



Prevent key theft and security breaches using our Key Exit System. This system uses RFID technology to send locational data to wireless receivers strategically located throughout a facility, including door exits. It will notify you immediately and activate an alarm if a key is being taken outside of an authorized area or outside of the building.

  • Weapon Lockers

    Access-controlled compartments and RFID reader in every compartment identifies the contents, modular system design for custom configuration, 18-gauge steel lockers, power failures are covered by a built-in backup battery.

  • Electronic Asset Lockers

    Access-controlled compartments, RFID identification and charging docs for tablets, iPads, laptops, data collectors, evidence kits, narcotics storage and other valuables.

  • 2-Way Radio Lockers

    Radio set and hand-held charging compartments with passive cooling system to prevent device overheating.

  • Control Terminal

    Choose from multiple authentication options, including PIN code, access control card or biometric reader. Easy-to-use control panel, integrated card reader, prompts user through key retrieval/removal process.

  • RFID Technology

    RFID data transfer makes asset issue and return faster, eliminates user error and creates an audit trail of all transactions.

  • LED Identification

    Illuminated LED guides a user to the correct locker compartment for asset return or retrieval.

Why Key Tracer

Key Tracer offers feature-rich and customizable key management solutions.

  • Integrates with a host of security systems
  • Custom software and cabinets to meet your specific needs
  • Continuous investment in our products so that we can offer the latest in security technology
  • Contactless data transfer via RFID for better reliability
  • 24/7 support
  • Maintenance-free key fobs and key rings lowers your total cost of ownership over the years…

All of these benefits allow us to brag about providing the best ROI you can find on key systems.


Thousands of businesses rely on Key Tracer's electronic key control systems.

  • KeyTracer-customer-carousel_syracuse3.jpg

    Syracuse University

    "Not only did the system pay for itself quickly, we’ve gained in staff accountability, efficiency and eliminated personnel’s frustrations with wait time." - Anthony Callisto, Sr. VP & Chief Law Enforcement Officer

  • KeyTracer-customer-carousel_garland-county-sheriff3.jpg

    Garland County Sheriff’s Office & Detention Center

    "There’s no comparison between a Key Tracer system versus paper sign-out logs, chit exchanges or other types of key issuance methods." - Chief Mark Chamberlain 

  • KeyTracer-customer-carousel_walla-university3.jpg

    Walla Walla University

    "We looked at all the electronic key boxes on the market, and it didn’t take very long to realize that Key Tracer has many options the others don’t offer." - Bob Mead, Head of Facilities Services

  • KeyTracer-customer-carousel_parc-olympique3.jpg

    Olympic Park 

    "Not only did Key Tracer prove to offer the lowest total cost of ownership over many years, their system also offers several features that are of tremendous value." - Philippe Houle, Assistant Director of Infrastructure Protection, Security, and Event Logistics

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