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Key Tracer Integration with AMAG Symmetry Access Control Software

AMAG Technology, the security management system manufacturer, has announced Key Tracer as the newest certified partner within the Symmetry Preferred Partner Program.  As a certified partner, Key Tracer’s Key Management System integrates with AMAG’s latest Symmetry Access Control software.  AMAG Technology and Key Tracer cooperatively tested and certified this integration.

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Key Cabinets + CPTED Make Your Business a Harder Target

Except for the more garish super villains, criminals avoid the spotlight. Most prefer to operate in theaters where they can remain in the shadows and maintain a level of control.  Enter Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design (CPTED). CPTED is not a new sensor or camera. Rather, CPTED is a set of security principles intended to take the sense of anonymity and control away from the bad guys; and by doing so, make your facility a harder target. CPTED principles, when properly applied, allow you to anticipate the thought process of potential offenders and reduce the opportunity for crime.

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Universities Face A Wide Array of Security Threats

What’s Your Protection Profile?

You protect physical assets from security threats. The type and strength of protection you implement is driven by the kind of business or organization, and the type and severity of the threats you face. That new hospital wing—major security is demanded. The dirt lot next to it that you haven’t yet developed: a chain link fence will do. One organization might make the largest investment in protecting keys; others in protecting people; still others in protecting trucks and equipment. Every business touches multiple threat categories, but they’ve each got their focus.

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Key Control Systems: A Foundation Block of Effective Security

The pin tumbler lock has been around for about 6,000 years. The Egyptians developed a lock and wooden key (about 2 feet long!) using the same basic principles as your front door deadbolt. With so much attention paid to the high-tech layers of a security program – intrusion detection, video analytics, electronic access control – it’s easy to forget just how critical a well-designed lock is; and just how vulnerable that metal key dangling on your key fob can leave you.

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How Key Management Systems Ground Commercial Security And Prevent Loss

Key management systems have become essential parts of commercial security protocols. They open new levels of security that were previously inaccessible to many business owners. These systems make it possible to organize access levels to a plethora of things which include, but are not limited to, warehouses, restricted facilities, and equipment.

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Six Signs That You Need Better Physical Security Controls

Your business or institution may not be as safe or secure as you imagine. Here are a half dozen signs that your security isn’t as strong, smooth or efficient as you might think.

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Key Management System ROI: A Framework

A Buyer's Guide: The Top Ten Checklist for Key Management Systems

There are many key management systems available on the market, and many competing providers make similar claims. To help guide your planning and purchasing process and make wise choices, Key Tracer has tapped its 10+ years of industry experience with the questions that we get asked every day to create a best practices guide. If you’re considering buying a key control system for the first time, or looking to upgrade your existing system, there are principles that you want to keep in mind. We've summarized some of the key points from this guide below.

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The Evolution of Fleet Management Solutions

It wasn’t that long ago that fleet management was more of a guessing game, with labor-intensive manual logs. What's more, key-cut businesses were racking in the dough cutting multiple keys for local businesses with fleets. When a key went missing, a runner was sent to get a new one cut.

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