Asset & Key Security for Cities and Counties

Delivering superior security and asset management

Our asset and key security solutions allow cities and municipalities to automate the safeguarding of keys, assets and facilities, while increasing staff accountability and efficiency. Our solutions are designed to give you maximum control over your facility’s assets, keys, vehicle fleet, and personnel.

We design fully integrated security solutions. Easily coordinate all of your security systems through a secure, browser-based dashboard. Generate customizable reports for all audit and compliance needs. 

We offer full lifecycle service. From your initial consultation, to customized installation, to on-site training for your personnel. Then ongoing, with phone support and on-site support.


Case Study

Olympic Park Tightens Security with Real-Time Key Tracking

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Key Control Systems

  • Key selections light up for rapid transactions, improving both daily operations and emergency response
  • Your choice of access method: fingerprint, facial reader, proximity card, or PIN code
  • Automated transaction logging keeps staff accountable for all materials access
  • Manage who has access to your facilities and motor pool through a central browser-based dashboard
  • Rugged and expandable key cabinets are cost-effective and suitable for any size facility
  • Automated alerts can trigger alarms, emails, or texts if keys for regulated or confidential materials are not promptly returned

Real-Time Key Location & Exit Systems

  • Locate critical keys at any time in your facilities, so you’re always prepared and compliant
  • Integrates seamlessly with key control and surveillance systems for simplified procurement and use
  • Easy, customizable report generation for any department’s audit compliance
  • Alerts sound as keys near exits or your defined perimeters, so regulated keys always stay on site
  • Works across larger municipal complexes and secure networks
  • Durable, lifetime-warrantied key tags are repair-free

Electronic Asset Lockers

  • Securely store credit cards, laptops, other electronics
  • Touchless RFID tag access allows rapid issue and return to keep staff working efficiently
  • Automated transaction logging eliminates unnecessary staffing
  • Monitor who accesses sensitive assets in real time for improved public accountability
  • Ready laptops and other electronics with built-in charging ports
  • Protect your heat-sensitive equipment with an integrated cooling system
  • Customize access by department or individual duty

Indoor Positioning Systems

  • Monitor visitors and contractors accessing critical public infrastructure or sensitive locations
  • Wireless sensors can be discreetly hidden for better public presentation
  • Instant alerts if visitors enter restricted areas
  • Thorough logging to track contractor time-on-site
  • Rapidly identify personnel and visitors during incident response
  • Solid-state RFID technology needs minimal maintenance, keeping your operating budget tight

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